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Basic No-knead Bread Dough

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Easy to make at home!
Learn how to make bread without kneading.

In this lesson, the famous teacher on Instagram, sakunana
will teach you how to make no-knead bread dough.

You will learn how to make a basic dough, used as a base for various types of bread.

Baking a bread might sound intimidating
especially if you are a beginner in the kitchen.

However, the steps sakunana is going to teach are very simple and easy.

She will teach you in this lesson the "No-Knead Bread Technique",
which even beginners can enjoy at their houses.

◯Items that replace the kneading.
◯Rubbing the bread without making your hands dirty.
◯How to check if fermentation is complete.

And more...

sakunana teaches all points whether simple or a little advanced,
with a lot of patience and at a nice pace.

The steps are so easy that it makes you want to try over and over again.
So do not miss this opportunity!

Once you learn how to make a simple dough,
you will be able to bake a huge variety of bread!

A whole new world of possibilities.

If you always thought about baking a loaf of bread,
or if you wanted but was not sure if it was possible,
this is your opportunity to finally start your adventure!

Have you mastered how to make a basic bread dough?
Try out also how to bake a bread with a chocolate sheet for the next lesson!
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