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Made using a patterned cookie Tag style icing cookie

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Start with this lesson for beginners at icing cookies!
A lecture on how to make an icing cookie that's simple but fancy!

The lesson this time is on how to make a patterned tag cookie.

A luxurious and fancy cookie, but with simple methods.
Using a certain item, give the dough pattern in an instant.

In addition, you will be learning how to paint the pattern white and beautifully.

Because you are going to be only using simple tricks,
it is a lesson even beginners at icing can try out.

Other than the way of decorating tag cookies,
the first half of the lesson also focus on explaining the recipe on making the cookie dough and icing cream.

With this one lesson you would be able to learn how to make tag style icing cookies.

And in additon, there are also methods on

●How to get the right thickness of dough for icing cookie
●How to make and use the 2 different levels of hardness of icing
●How to create a beautiful shape out of the mold
●How to write the words "merci" beautifully

among others, included in the lesson.

Since you can make icing cookies that is simple yet legit, this is a lesson recommended for beginners!

Tag style icing cookies are able to make an appearance in many different situations.

Of course for casual gifts,
but also an lovely alternative for message tags on presents.

Other than the word "merci" introduced in this lesson, please also look forward to
using other types of words to create your own original tag style cookies!
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