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ROYAL ICING -Making the Icing Cream-

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This lesson is recommended for those who have completed the following lessons:
BASIC COOKIES -Making Cookie Dough-
BAKING COOKIES -Baking Cookie Dough-

The main part of making icing cookies!
This lesson will teach you how to make icing cream!

In this lesson, you'll learn how to make one of the most important parts of icing cookies: the icing!
This is a must-watch for icing cookie beginners.

Icing cookies are a popular kind of sweets that can easily be made at home.

The key to icing cookies is in the icing cream making!
By making the perfect icing cream for decorating, even beginners can easily make gorgeous designs!

This lesson will carefully teach you how to make royal icing, a type of cream made specifically for icing cookies.

◆How to prevent messes when using a hand mixer
◆Reasons for using dried egg whites
◆How to prevent the icing cream from drying
◆Tips for adjusting the consistency

These and other helpful tips and tricks for making icing cream are included in this lesson.

Details such as how to adjust the consistency of the icing cream will also be explained.

"I don't know how stiff my royal icing should be!"
This is a perfect lesson for beginners
who are looking for the basics of icing cookie making.

Once you master how to make the icing cream, you'll be able to create better and more intricate decorations.

Take this opportunity to master Yohko Takahashi's royal icing and take your icing cookies to the next level!
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