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Plaid Gradient Nails

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Let's master a different type of checkered pattern!

The instructor, Maya Tempaku, will teach you how to do gradient nails with a checkered pattern.

This lesson will be about learning how to paint a checkered pattern with a gradient background.

With a pretty gradient and straight lines,
a delicate checkered nail art can be made.

Although there are many designs with checkered patterns, which are a staple design for fall and winter,
this design has a more mature and composed feel.

It's great for customers working in the office or those that are looking for a more sophisticated style.

For the sake of creating this look,
the focus will be on how to create a nice gradient and drawing straight lines
in this lesson.

The lesson will also cover:

◯What to look out for when cleaning up lines
◯How to draw thin straight lines
◯What colors to use when combining these elements together

and much more. Detailed instructions on how to perfect the checkered nail design will be provided!

In the lesson, the instructor will talk about how to arrange colors for alternative designs,
so you can use it as reference when you try out the checkered gradient design.

Winter colors like red, navy blue and green will be used in this lesson,
but many other color combinations are also possible!

The feel of this design changes by simply varying thickness of the lines.
There is a lot of freedom to match the design to your customers' style!

Definitely try out different color combinations with this nail art.
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