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BAKING COOKIES -Baking Cookie Dough-

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The next lesson after learning how to make cookie dough!
This lesson will cover how to cut cookies as well as how to bake them!

Using the cookie dough we made in BASIC COOKIES -Making Cookie Dough-,
we will learn how to cut and bake it in this lesson.

Sugar cookies that seem gorgeous on the surface can actually be really easy to make.
Many people are starting to make them by themselves at home.

But amongst the beginners who are just starting,

"My cookies become uneven after baking, so the decorations don't look good..."
"I baked them for too long so they became really hard..."

there are surely some people who have made these same mistakes!

Actually, there are lots of little things you should do even while cutting and baking that can help you make more delicious cookies!

In this lesson, Yohko Takahashi will explain the process of cutting and baking in way that even beginners can understand.

◆Recommended thickness of cookies
◆How to maintain the cookie's shape when cutting and moving
◆Ideal temperature and duration of baking
◆Tips on how to maintain a flat and smooth cookie surface

All this and more will be taught in this lesson.

Don't you think it's fantastic to create cookies that don't just look nice but taste great as well?

In order to make delicious sugar cookies, the cookie base has to be made well.

And if you want to make your cookies even better, check out Yohko's tips and tricks!

If you master these skills, the sugar cookies you make will definitely taste better and better!
Have fun making and decorating your sugar cookies!
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