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Silicone Mold Nail Decoration -Wings+Advanced-

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Advanced lesson on how to make a motif!
The instructor, Nyanchan will be lecturing on how to take complex motifs such as wings from molds.

In this lesson, Nyanchan will teach you tips on how to make the
shape of a wing perfectly, using a silicon mold.

Based on the basics, Nyanchan will explain thoroughly,
on how to take out complex motifs off of the mold perfectly.

Out of all of the various silicon mold Nyanchan produces,
we are using a wing motif mold for this lesson.
She produces "Love cat" and "My unicorn" series which includes lots of different molds.

Nyanchan will lecture on the tips on how to make the shape of a delicate wing motif,
and how to place it on the nails to finish up.

Other topics:

◯Reasons for making the two-set motif seperately and not together
◯Tips on how to make the size of the wing even on both sides
◯How to make pre-made motifs
◯Important points when curing the motif onto the nails

and many more.

Nyanchan will teach methods on how to make pre-made motifs,
which will be convenient when doing salon work.

In addition, Nyanchan will teach methods on how to arrange the parts.
Such as explaining methods on how to finish the motif even cuter,
by adding a glitter coating to the wing parts.

She will tell you important tips and points on how to finish the complex parts as it is,
not only by applying glitters or gel to it.

Try out the plentiful lesson on how to make detailed parts,
and samples on how to arrange them!

After mastering this lesson, go on to the next level by creating even more complex motifs.
How to take off the colorful unicorn off the mold!

※The mold used in this lesson is only available at Nail Partner.
Only members of Nail Partner can purchace the mold. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
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