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Vectorising Your Logo

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Did you finish your logo design?
Now let's make it digital and share it with people!

In this lesson, you will open in the computer the design you made in the previous lesson, Hand Lettering for Logos,
and transform it into a Digital Logo!

James shows how to vectorize a hand-drawn design
by using the software called "Adobe Illustrator".

Vectorizing your logo, expands the functions of your logo.

People will be able to easily apply your logo in posters,
and they will also have easy access to it in your website.
And the benefits do not stop there! You can print your logo to create original goods as well!

You will be able to transform specific ideas into shop logos, etc.

In this lesson, you will learn how to use the basic tools of Adobe Illustrator to produce a logo,
like how to round the lines and how to make smooth curves.
James gives you the right tips to have a productive creation.

It might sound intimidating at first, but once you master the tools,
you will be able to create your own original logos just as you like!

This lesson is also for those who never touched Adobe Illustrator before.

After you get the hang of vectorization, make sure start producing your own logos!

In this lesson, you will create the logo using a light blue color. But of course, that does not stop you from creating an infinite combination of colors!

Challenge yourself creating your own original logo
using your favorite fonts and favorite colors!
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