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Uppercase Construction

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After you master drawing lowercase letters,
it is time to start learning how to form Uppercase Letters!

In this lesson, you will learn how to form uppercase letters, from A to Z.
James writes each letter in front of the camera, giving insight into how you can form uppercase letters.

In the previous lesson Lowecase Letter Construction, you put in practice the strokes you learned to draw by forming lowercase letters. Now it is time to challenge yourself and practice creating capital letters.

Capital letters stand out when used in words with lowercase letters.
Therefore, developing your skills to draw beautiful and well-balanced capital letters is a must.

Uppercase letters can make a word more persuasive,
which is a very important technique in illustrations such as hand lettering.

In this lesson, you will learn tips for connecting strokes to form well-balanced uppercase letters.
James shows you how to hold your pen at the right angle, and how to work on each stroke angle in order to design nice letters.

Since a lot of letters share the same strokes and shapes, once you start practicing,
you start to get the hang of the technique really quickly, mastering the skills a lot faster!

After you master forming capital letters, try to exercise what you learned
by writing English words combining capital letters with lowercase letters.

Once you become proficient in both techniques, the variety of work you can create will suddenly increase!

After you master lowercase letters and uppercase letters, the next lesson is: Understanding and Adding Serifs to Lettering.
This will set your work apart from other people's designs!
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