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Three types of flower piping! Cute bean paste flower cupcakes

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Tasty to eat, and pretty to look at!
A lesson on making 3 kinds of flowers on a cupcake!

In this lesson, we will decorate cupcakes that are already made,
and make three kinds of flowers by squeezing out bean paste.

Using coloured bean paste and cupcakes, we'll make three kinds of flowers:


These are the flowers that we'll make.

The camellia will be piped out on a flower nail.
You will be learning how to make the flower and to put it on a cupcake.

By combining plants such as gypsophillas,
we'll make cute decorations on a cupcake.

The rose and the margaret will be piped out flat on a cupcake.

The instructor will carefully teach you how to move the piping tip,
so you will definitely be able to make pretty flowers.

Along with the flowers, we will also teach you how to
pipe out leaves that can be decorated with the flowers.

We will pipe out simple shaped leaves and leaves with veins, and combine with the flowers.

Once you learn how to pipe out leaves,
you can change cupcakes with just flowers into a more brilliant one.

Don't miss the technique that can be applied
not only on cupcakes but also for decorations on other kinds of sweets.

Once you have mastered how to pipe out the 3 kinds of flowers, you can arrange them however you like!

You can make the flowers in your favourite colours, and decorate the cupcakes as you like.

Depending on the colour that you use, you can make bean paste flower cupcakes with a different atmosphere.
Master the technique, and enjoy making bean paste flower cupcakes!

If you are a beginner in making bean paste flower cupcakes, watch another lesson,
Flower Piping Basics♡Learn to Make and Color Bean Paste
to start from the basics!
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