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Shiny Kingyoku♡Peach flavored Jelly with a paste flower.

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Once you master the basics of flower piping, try this video!
Let's make a summery Japanese sweet Kingyoku jelly with a paste flower inside!

This video is perfect for those who are proficient at the basic skills for flower piping. It will show you how to
make a summery peach flavoured jelly Kingyoku with a paste flower inside.

Kingyoku is a Japanese confection appreciated mainly in summer.
Its beauty is characterized by its transparency, changing its appearance dramatically by revealing what is inside,
making this treat visually pleasing.

In this lesson, we will put in a flower made of white bean paste by Sachi.
to create this twinkly and beautiful treat, Kingyoku.

She uses many colors for the cream to create the flowers and
they are so cute that you want to keep making them!

♡ How to pipe flowers (mum, scabiosa, volumed flower)
♡Regarding an angle of a tip and motions while piping out each flower
♡How to make and easily flavour Kingyoku

Skills such as above are taught so that you can learn
how to make the cute twinkly Kingyoku from scratch.

Once you become familiar with processes of making Kingyoku, use different colors
to make all sorts of flowers to put inside Kingyoku.

As mentioned in the lesson, flavouring of the kingyoku is very easy, so
you can try to make Kingyoku in different flavours!

Make some kingyoku for your friends and families as a summer gift.

If you are new to flower piping, try "Basics for flower piping♡Making bean paste cream, coloring, and how to hold a piping bag"
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