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Introduction & Overview of Hand Lettering with James Lewis

Hand Lettering - A Course for Getting Started!
A quick introduction of the 10-lesson course developed by the instructor James Lewis.

Meet James, your instructor, and learn what he will teach you in this exclusive 10-lesson course made for MIROOM.

This video is perfect for those who want to know a little bit more about the Art of Hand Lettering,
and if you have already interest in getting started, make sure to check this course overview!

In this course, James explains the basics of hand lettering and continues until you learn how you can turn letters into artwork.
You will also learn how you can create digitalized logos using Adobe Illustrator.

1. Fundamentals of Calligraphy

In this beginners-friendly lesson, James helps you learn the basic strokes.
You will work on practicing the strokes that create every alphabet letter.

2. Lowercase Letters Construction

Learn how to draw lowercase letters, from a to z.
James starts by explaining how you should connect the strokes often used in the alphabet,
and continue drawing letter by letter, explaining the points you should remember when practicing.

3. Uppercase Letters Construction

Learn how to draw uppercase letters, from A to Z.
Once you master the construction of uppercase and lowercase letters, the possibilities of works you can make become endless.

4. Understanding and Adding Serifs to Lettering

In this lesson, you will learn how you can make the letters more distinct by practice adding serifs to them.
James will walk you through how to transform the basic letters you learned into hand lettering style.

5. Letter Frame Grid Tutorial

In this lesson, you will create structured letterforms at a larger scale,
and learn how you can use grid paper to maintain the letter spacing consistent.

6. Compositions

After learning how to draw the alphabet letters and add serifs,
it is time to use what you learned and create different combinations for your artwork.

This is the first step you will take to create your own art piece.

7. Brush Calligraphy Application to the Composition

Before finishing the composed art you created in the previous lesson,
you will practice hand lettering using a brush pen.

In the first half of the lesson, James will help you practice the strokes used in Brush Calligraphy.
And in the last half, you will draw the word "Lettering" using a brush pen.
James explains here the preparation process required for turning it into an artwork.

8. Bringing Elements Together

In this lesson, you will be finishing up the hand lettering drafts you did on the previous lesson.

James explains the steps you should take when finishing up your work,
and reviews all the points you have been learning during the course.

9. Hand Lettering for Logos

James teaches you how to plan your logo.

In this lesson, you will learn how to plan the design of the logo you will create in the computer,
while making use of the strokes, alphabet letters and tracing techniques you have mastered.

10. Vectorizing Your Logo

In this lesson, you will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to vectorize your hand-drawn logo.
James teaches you how to use the software and tips on how you can increase productivity at your work.

This course is definitely for you if you are getting started in Hand Lettering. If you already have some experience, this is a great lesson to boost your skills and deepen your knowledge of the art technique.

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