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Yoga for Abs (Stimulate the abdominal organs and get a flat stomach!)

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Tone your abs easily at home!
This is a basic stomach workout lesson!

avex Management's yoga instructor aya shows you easy abs exercises!

This lesson teaches how to use your inner muscles
to tighten up the loose stomach!

Yoga has gained popularity in recent years among women seeking beauty and health.
It's a hassle-free way of exercise that can be started with just a small space and a yoga mat.

Many women start yoga to reduce swelling of body or for healthy weight loss.

Do you want to lose that flab on your belly?

Do you wish that favorite dress of yours fits you better?

Take a little break from your work and children and
start this exercise that you can easily try at home.

In this lesson, the yoga instructor aya explains the tips of the exercise that can be done at home.

◆Want to lose the belly fat
◆Want to look good in tight jeans and skirts
◆Want to quickly refresh the mind

If you have any of these desires, this exercise is for you!
This exercise is designed by aya, who thoroughly understands human anatomy.
It will work your abdomen and stimulate the colon activity.

aya teaches each movement in the exercise
focusing on how to effectively tone up your stomach.

Following the detailed instruction and moving your body will
make you feel as if you are actually exercising at a yoga studio!

The online lesson lets you experience the real yoga at the comfort of your own home.

With a toned, flat stomach you will be confident in a pencil skirt or tight clothes that show your body line.

So take some time in between your hectic work or house chores
and try these easy exercises at home!
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