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Illumination Jewel

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Stock your inventory with original nails accessories!
Learn how to make an Illumination Jewel that you can use all year long.

In this lesson, you will learn how to make
a beautiful and shiny jewel part.

You will learn the steps from the creation,
to how to correctly place the decoration on the nail.

One of the great aspects of handmade nail parts,
is that you can design it using with your favorite colors.

And this decoration created by the instructor ryo kitamura,
can be done in whatever color you want!

The size of the accessory is pretty big which makes it stand out in the nail.
You can combine it with some stones and other nail parts,
and accent the clients' fingers.

ryo explains in details and draws the model plan as well,
which makes it easy for anyone to learn the steps in this lesson.

◯How can you give the accessory a flawless finish?
◯How can you contour regular nails?
◯How should you place the accessories on the nail?

ryo answers all of these questions and much more!

These shiny accessories are perfect for the winter.
But you can also change the colors and create something for the summer!

Brainstorm the color and the amount of glitter with your client,
and come up with an accessory that matches their personality!

You can also prepare the parts in advance,
and have a much more productive time in your salon work.
Master the techniques and make the best of this nail art!
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