Basic Icebox Cookies

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Beginners to icebox cookies should try this lesson!
The popular icebox cookie artist en93Kitchen will teach you the basics!

In this lesson, learn the basics of making icebox cookies.

en93kitchen who is known for cute icebox cookies such as teddy bear faced ones,
will teach you the basics of making icebox cookies.

The biggest characteristic of icebox cookies are that you can enjoy making cookies
even without a cookie cutter.

These cookies are made by cutting a log of dough into slices, like Kintaro candy.

You can make cookies any shape you want without the limitation of a cookie cutter!

In this lesson, while learning to make icebox cookies,
you will also learn basic procedures!

By learning basic steps, you will be able to use them to make many different kinds of adorable icebox cookies.

In this lesson, you can learn

◯ How to mix the the flour into the dough for icebox cookies
◯ Key points to shaping the dough beautifully
◯ Things to pay attention to when placing the cookies on the baking tray

and much more will be explained.

You will be able to actually see the difficult process of shaping the dough,
so for those who have struggled, please try this!

As long as you master the basics, you can change it however you want!

Beginners should start
from mastering basic icebox cookies.

After mastering the basics, try changing the arrangement!
You can also try en93kitchen's original character, known for it's cute expression,
bear icebox cookies here!
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