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A fancy marble nail art that you can use all year round!
The lesson will simultaneously be crafting 2 nails, a blue one and a purple one!

This lesson will be on a marble art
nail design with a strong nuance.

We will be using a newly released sticker from Sha-Nail, produced by Mayu sensei
to craft a stylish art with lots of nuances.

The feature of the sticker produced by Mayu sensei is the transparency.

Even though the sticker has its own design, the transparent nature allows for a
special and fancy look by laying the sticker on top of an nail art.

In this lesson, we will be making a nail art that has
designs complicatedly intertwined with each other by using the transparent sticker.

Because this lesson will simultaneously be making the purple version and blue version nail art,
you can learn the flow of an actual salon work.

In addition,

◯Things to be careful when laying out the sticker
◯Coating method to prevent the sticker from peeling off
◯Tips for how to draw the wave lines beautifully

will also be included in the lesson.
Tips on how to make the nail art beautiful and fancy will be explained thoroughly.

Although this lesson will cover purple and blue colored designs,
only your imagination is the limit for color arrangement.

Let's change the color according the season and customers' likings.

Depending on the color of the wave lines, it can change the look dramatically.

By using the transparent sticker and the various designed stickers,
please give it a go to make your own marble art with various colors and atmospheres!
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