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Cattleya Nail Design Set

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3 Nail Art Designs in One Lesson!
Learn how to create 3 patterns of Cattleya Nail Art Designs using the same base.

In this lesson, you will learn 3 nail art designs.
All of these nail designs share the same base art.

These 3 designs have been featured in the class demonstration at the NAIL EXPO 2018.
The instructor, miki, created these pieces with the intention of creating something practical for nail salons.

①Cattleya Check

②Cattleya Native

③Cattleya Flower

You will be impressed to see how an extra layer
can change the whole look of the nails while having the same base design.

However, these are not your average check, native and flower patterns.
The designs featured in this lesson go beyond what you usually expect.

You will learn how to create the 3 nail designs and other tips including:

◯The right color you should choose for the base gel
◯How to draw native patterns and how to give it a casual vibe
◯A trick to use your brush and make a gradient flower petal with a single color
◯How to nail a detailed flower by focusing on the center of the flower

... and more!
Your instructor will teach you all the important points in detail.

miki divides the 3 designs into simple steps,
making it incredibly easy for anyone to apply in their salon work.

By mastering these 3 different art pieces,
you will be able to provide different works for an even broader client base.

You can also challenge yourself later by creating the same designs in different colors.

Learn how to make these seasonless nail designs,
and make the best use of them in your salon work!