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Turn this year's trending pattern into a nail art design!
Learn how to create snakeskin nails.

In this lesson, miki will teach you how to create snakeskin nails.

Python nails, more commonly known as snakeskin nails, is a design that looks like a snake's skin.

You can see snakeskin patterns used in shoes and bags.
It's a must-have design for anyone who's interested in fashion.

Get these trendy snakeskin patterns on your nails as well!
miki will teach you her original way of doing snakeskin pattern nails through this lesson.

What's great about snakeskin design is their latticework-like pattern.

This lesson will teach you about the latticework-like patterns
and give you many tips on how to make your snakeskin design more lifelike.

In addition, you will learn

◯Which base color gels to use in order to make your snakeskin nails more realistic
◯How to bring out unique colors
◯How to make the design more dimensional
◯Tips on how to give your design a better finish

And more...
The instructor, miki, will go through these points in detail!

This design may seem hard, but it actually doesn't take that much time.
Once you get the hang of this design, you'll be able to do it at your salon too.

This unique snakeskin design is guaranteed to make your outfit even more fashionable.

You can use this design for both people who like things simple
and for people who have a penchant for fancy things.

If your customer prefers things simple, you can offer them a design like the one on miki's sample nail tip.
You can mix a snakeskin pattern with half french nails
or use light and feminine colors in between the pattern.

Master the snakeskin nails and try having it
as a basic pattern for your salon's autumn/winter season nail art design.