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Dry Flower Paint

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Flower art that's great for summer!
Learn to create a nail design that looks like dry flowers are placed into it !

In this lesson, learn to create floral nail art design with acrylic.
You will learn how to draw subdued flowers that look like dry flowers.

Large floral art on nails can seem very fancy,
but this time the art will be a softer design.

Although the colors used are bright, acrylics will be used,
so they won't look too extravagant and will look mature and elegant.

Also, the color palette is also important to make it look elegant.
Although the colors used are very simple ones,
you will learn how to combine them so that they look relaxed.

Other than that,

◯How to draw well-balanced flowers and do the shading
◯How to check the colors you mixed before painting on the nails
◯Why acrylic is used
◯How to draw flowers with movement

and much more will be explained.

Even though it looks very soft, to make the design detailed,
the shading becomes the key point.

The outline of the flowers and how to do the shading
will be explained in detail.

In this lesson, pink and magenta wil be used for a cute and mature design,
but the colors can be changed however you like.

You may use whatever color you like for drawing,
so try to arrange the colors the way the client likes!

Using blue can make it more refreshing, and orange can make it more energetic.

By mastering how to mix the colors used in the lesson,
you will learn how to match colors to make them look mature and elegant,
so please try and learn so that you can make this design in many different colors!
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