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Stylish Leopard

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The Instagram-popular leopard design is here!
This lesson introduced how to make a super quick nail design that can't be missed in the fall/winter salon work.

This lesson demonstrates how to make HIDEKAZU's version of
the leopard design, which is one of the classic designs in the fall and the winter.

It will surely be useful in your salon work during the fall and the winter seasons.

The leopard design HIDEKAZU makes is detailed and stylish,
yet can be made super quickly.

Even though it has the look of a detailed design,
it can be applied easily and quickly.

It's definitely worth learning the quick and easy steps that can be useful in your busy salon work.
This lesson also teaches the points for creating a sophisticated look.

◯The rules for laying out the pattern
◯An extra step to create a detailed look
◯The correct place to add the gold foil

It shows various tips and points
to achieve a beautiful finish through easy steps.

So try creating this design that can be
immediately applied in your salon work!

This lesson also explains how to modify the design to give a slightly different look.

It will show you how you can modify it into a suitable design
even for customers who don't usually like bold looks.

This is your opportunity to learn this very versatile design
that can even be modified into a softer look
with just a few extra added steps!

So learn this trendy art and use it in your salon work now!
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