Gel Flower Art

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This lecture is on how to draw flowers using gel.
It will teach you the techniques you need in order to draw delicate flowers for salon work.

This lesson in on drawing flowers for nail art designs. Flowers are always popular, regardless of age.

This is a type of flower art that ryo does
that requires the most fundamental skills when drawing them.

This delicate and intricate gel art is perfect for brides.
You can also suggest this design to customers going to formal events
or to customers that are going on a vacation at a resort.

This design might seem hard at first with its beautiful gradient colors and intricate lines
but as long as you master how to use the brushes you can apply the same skills
to other flower art designs too.

This lesson will focus on the brushwork, how to draw clean lines,
and how to create beautiful gradient colors. The video will also touch on:

◯How to draw two types of flowers
◯How to draw the center of the flower in order to give it a delicate impression
◯How to draw flowers with depth and dimension
◯Where to draw the lines for the stems

And more...

The lesson will work on five fingers so you can also learn the order of doing a nail art design.

This elegant and delicate flower design is a must-have for any nail salon.

By doing this flower design on one finger
you can recommend this to your customers for daily use as well.

This design is also popular with people who work at an office.

This leesson uses a white gel as a base
but go ahead and try using other colors or create a gradient color using two gels.

Try them out and have fun!
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