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Illumination Crystal

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Limited time only! (This lesson is available until Jan. 3, 2019)
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This is a very useful design for winter salon work!
ryo will show you an artistic design that comes in various colors.

This lesson shows how to create
Christmassy illumination crystal nail art.

It explains the process of making a stylish nuance art
perfect for the winter, using an airbrush.

This design received many likes and questions on ryo's Instagram.
It looks very intricate, but the process is actually very simple.

ryo shares the time-saving method so that it can be applied in your salon work.

This lesson demonstrates the process of making the design with an airbrush on five fingers.
It contains an explanation of how to create a good balance and the application orders,
and the techniques are directly transferrable to your salon work.

◯How to apply the base color to create a nice pattern
◯Tips for placing the chain along the cuticle
◯How to select decoration pieces that bring the design together

It's a lesson filled with various
tips and points that you cannot miss.

All the processes, from applying the base color to finishing with the stones and accessories, are shown here.

This lesson demonstrates the making of the red design that goes with the Christmas theme,
but the colors can be modified in any way you like.

It will look nice to make them in green or purple, as shown in the samples.

If you want to achieve a lighter look for the spring and the summer,
you can make it with a lighter color to suit the season.

It's a very versatile design that can match any season depending on the color used.

So take this opportunity to learn and enjoy making ryo's nuance art!
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