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Tortoiseshell art

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Sophisticated and cute tortoiseshell art!
This tutorial demonstrates a design popular for cold season salon work.

In this lesson, instructor Naomi Sano shows
how to make the chic tortoiseshell art that is both refined and cute.

Using colors that are the basis of the tortoiseshell art, a standard of autumn/winter nail art,
the instructor will create this trendy nuance art.

With its use of subdued colors, nuance art is very popular amongst all ages.
It's also indispensable for autumn/winter salon work.

In this lesson, the instructor will demonstrate two types of tortoiseshell art;
one with the design on the entire nail, and the other on half, paired with a translucent black on the rest of the nail.

The technique to create three-dimensionality is a must-see.

In addition, the tutorial contains

◯Tips on creating designs with movement
◯How to easily bring out variations in shading
◯Colors that work well for the secondary designs to complement the main tortoiseshell art

and more.

Since the process itself is simple, this design is well-suited for salon work.
Once you've made the technique your own, it will become a favorite for sure; please use this opportunity to master the tortoiseshell art!

Apply the design on the entire nail to create the principal main design,
and apply on half to use as the complementary seondary design.

Pairing the full and half types together is gorgeous,
but you can also pair the half version with various other designs.

With just the right simplicity, the design is not too flashy and can be combined
with a variety of main-art designs to bring together a chic look.

Please enjoy the tortoiseshell design not only as the main design,
but alongside other designs as well!