Fluffy Leopard

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This is not your ordinary leopard nail art!
Learn how to create the fluffy yet rich and stylish Fluffy Leopard nail art!

In this tutorial, learn how to create the fall/winter classic nail art.
It shows how naomi's design of the fluffy leopard is created.

Leopard design is one of the most classic fall and winter nail looks.
It's simple yet stylish as the main art, and it can also be worn with other designs
as a secondary art depending on the type of the leopard design.

While there are many different types of leopard nail art,
this tutorial demonstrates the process of making the leopard design that has a soft look.

Leopard nail art can often have a bold look,
but the soft leopard design can be recommended to clients
who like simple designs or don't normally wear patterned nails.

This design doesn't just look mild but also looks detailed
with a subtle sparkle and the depth given to it.

This tutorial will show you how you can layer the colors
to create this soft leopard design.

The design may look intricate, but the process is actually simple.
Once you know the steps, it can be easily applied in your salon work.

This lesson also includes:

◆Tips for adding movement to the leopard design.
◆Points to remember when blurring the colors.
◆Small extra steps to make the nail look longer.

In addition to showing the procedure, it also introduces various tips and points.

You really cannot miss this tutorial which is much more than just adding colors to make the leopard design!

The tutorial demonstrates the process using pale beige,
but you can make it in any color you like.

You can use pink for those feminine customers
or add more brown for the customers who like wearing cool colors.

So modify it into many different looks
according to your clients' individual styles!
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