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Tyrolean Tiles

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Make it with your favorite color!

Learn how to make a tile-patterned nail design with stickers and hand-drawn patterns!

This lesson features how to make a tile-patterned nail design
using stickers produced by Maya Tempaku, available from TSUMEKIRA.

The tile-pattern with a navy base and pop colors such as red and green
makes a fashionable and trendy design.

The colors are perfect for nail art in the winter.

Intricately patterned tiles are difficult and time-consuming to draw from scratch,
and so they are not very suitable for salon work.

However, in this lesson, this problem will be solved!

Using stickers to make complex patterns during busy salon work,
the instructor talks about the tips on putting on stickers nicely and drawing neat patterns.

Also featured in this lesson are;

◯How to create a neat pattern with stickers
◯The amount of gel suitable for drawing intricate patterns
◯Order of the drawings to be done to finish the design in the shortest time

and many more.

Once you've mastered how to draw the pattern, the order of the patterns to be drawn, and how to put the stickers on nicely,
you can make your own arrangement to it.

Just like it shows on the picture. you can make one tile on a nail,
or you could make another good design using different colors.

This time, the instructor uses wintery colors with navy as the base,
but you can choose whatever color that matches the season or the character of your customer.

As the stickers are made white, they can be used with any color.

Enjoy the Tyrolean Tile nail art
making many different arrangements of your own!
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