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Flat Agate Nail Art

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It looks detailed but doesn't take much time to make!
This lesson shows how to make a flat agate gemstone nail design!

This tutorial demonstrates how to make agate nail art, which is one of
the gemstone designs that have recently become a classic in nail art.

It will show you how to make a realistic agate design
in a matter of minutes through super simple steps.

Gemstone designs are popular among a wide range of age groups.
While the quality of the design is important, the application time is also critical in salon work.

This lesson especially considers salon work and shows
the super quick process that will be very useful in your salon work.

In addition to explaining the quick and easy process, it also introduces:

◯A type of brush that shortens the application time
◯A brush stroke that creates a detailed pattern
◯How to draw the outline to achieve a realistic look

The lesson contains various tips and points.

Once you have learned the tips, including how to use the brush,
you can start applying it in your salon work right away.

So don't miss this super quick agate nail tutorial.

This lesson shows the process of making a black agate design,
but you can alter the color in any way you like.

You can make various designs of flat agate depending on the colors you use,
so try making with various colors once you have mastered the techniques.

Use multiple colors to create nice layers of colors,
or use a silver outline instead of gold,
and create various looks and design.

We hope those who have never made gemstone nail before
will also take this opportunity and give it a try!
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