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Wire Parts: Curvy

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A lecture of the latest hot design!
Let's master a sophisticated nail design with wires!

In this lesson, instructor mayu will introduce the latest nail trend.
She will create a fashionable wire nail art
by adding gem parts with wires, leopard print patterns, and natural stone patterns.

The most important point of this design is to finish it as if gems were embedded.
It looks cool when wire parts are embedded and fixed well enough.

If you simply make a gem part in a normal way,
you cannot make it fit with nails nor flatten its surface.

In this lesson, the instructor will explain in detail how to complete the design with high quality.
For example, she will describe how to fit a gem part with nails perfectly
and how to embed a gem part into nails flat without increasing the thickness.

Instructor mayu will teach you logically from scratch in the lesson of an hour-and-a-half.

In addition, she explains:

♦︎ A wire size she uses and a reason why she uses it
♦︎ A tip for making a natural tortoiseshell pattern
♦︎ How to draw a pattern to make a realistic natural stone gem
♦︎ A technique to make a playful stick fit to a nail

etc. She focuses on details as well.

Also, she explains how to make the white natural stone part that is on top of the embedded gem part.
The technique of making natural stone parts is a must in nail salons since it can make nails more stylish easily.

It's worth watching since the technique can be used in various art designs, not only in this one.

Once you master the technique, try various arrangements.

if you change a base color seen in between gem parts or a pattern of a gem
as you like, you can enjoy a different note of the design.
Same thing when you change the size of a gem.

By all means, acquire this sophisticated design using trendy wires!

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