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Be creative with stickers! PIZZA CAT🍕

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Hand-drawn looking nail art using stickers!
This lesson will be about a nail design incorporating stickers produced by Natsuki Sasagawa.

This lesson will be on making a hand-drawn design,
using TSUMEKIRA sticker, cosplay cat, produced by Natsuki.

A cat wearing a pizza on its head will be today's theme!

This art was created with Natsuki's wishes to
"make a sticker look like part of the art, not just a sticker as it is".

This lesson will go through plenty of tips on
how to integrate a sticker into the gel nail art.

By integrating the sticker and the gel art perfectly,
it will result in a very high quality nail art.

In addition,

◆One extra step to fit a sticker on the nail
◆How to mix paints to produce a realistic and delicate impression
◆The angle of the brush recommended to draw fine lines

will be explained in the lesson.

This lesson is recommended to even those who are not confident with paint art.

A pizza is drawn for this lesson but
it can be rearranged to your likings.

Tips, tricks and things to be careful about applies in every situation so
this can be rearranged however you like once this lesson has been mastered.

By using stickers, it can save a lot of time.
It's a great asset to your salon work as it looks complicated but can be finished in a short period of time.

Please try mastering Natsuki-styled
cute and time saving nail art!
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