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Water Ring Palette 3 Patterns

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Online lesson on how to make the water ring palette, which is extremely popular at seminars!

Learn 3 different ways to make a water ring palette
and you will be able to make any water ring palette you like!

In this lesson, learn how to make the most requested water ring palette.

The water ring palette is a convenient tool made by putting a ring onto a palette holding water
that you can put on your thumb to keep the palette close to the brush even when painting the nail.

With this lesson, you will be able to create your own water palette
and design it to your will!

◆Palette with color on the bottom

◆Palette with stickers

◆Palette with a clear bottom

These 3 types will be made simultaneously in this lesson.

The best part about these water ring palettes
is that you can create them using your favorite parts and colors.

It is great to be able to customize the palette
especially because it is a tool that is regularly used during salon work.

Once you master how to make Tomita's water ring palettes,
you will be able to make your own unique palette.

There are many parts that you can use to design the palette. In this lesson, learn how to create

◯Nuance parts

◯Parts using stickers

You can directly apply the stickers, but making them into parts
will make them look cuter when you rock the palette with water inside!

Also, the tips for decorating the palette, such as

▶Tips for blurring the colors beautifully

▶Tips for drawing cracking lines

▶Tips for doing drop art

will be taught in detail.

Also, tips on how to prevent any water leakage,
which is the most important point when creating the water ring palette, will be taught thoroughly.

All of the points to be noted will be taught so that
you won't have to worry about the palette being ruined because of water leakage.

Add your own touches once you master the techniques that are taught in this video.
You will surely be able to create the perfect water ring palette for you.

Please learn the techniques and
try making your very own water ring palette!