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Aroma Tablet

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Make it in your favorite color!
Learn how to make simple but incredibly stylish aroma tablets.

In this lesson, you learn how to make aroma tablets with split colors.

These scented tablets spread comfort by just placing it in the room.
It is a perfect accessory for home decor.

Aroma bars are often related to dry flowers and seashells.
This recipe requires none of the above. It is way simpler.

And the simplicity is what makes these accessories incredibly charming.

In this lesson, you will learn mainly how to create a clear division line.
"The instructor, ATARASHI MOGURA, shares her tips on how you can
get straight and beautiful lines which make the aroma tablet stand out."

ATARASHI will also teach you:

◆How to strengthen the tablet so it does not break at the division line
◆How to correctly pour wax into the mold
◆Ways to correct the tablet shape
◆How to create star and flower patterns in the tablet

... and many other tips!

You will learn in detail all the steps
from the basic points to how you can make different combinations.

The simple design makes these aroma tablets a perfect gift for anyone!

You can choose the perfect colors for your friend, or for the current season.
The number of patterns you can make is unlimited!

The recipe itself is incredibly simple.
So make sure to master all the tips and create your original designs!
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