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Water Color Candle

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Note: This online lesson does not yet have English subtitles. Our translating staff is currently creating the subtitles, so please wait until it is completed. If you purchase the lesson now, the subtitles for this online lesson will automatically be added once it has been released.

The Watercolor Candle that has been talked about has arrived as an online lesson!
Teaching you the techniques that will widen the arrangements you can do to the candle.

This lesson will show you how to draw a stylish pattern in a candle
as though watercolor paint was used to draw the pattern.

Even though the name is "Watercolor Candle", we will not be using any watercolor paint.

This candle that feels like it's made out of watercolor paint
can be used as interior decoration at the entranceway of your salon or your living room

This can be made with all sorts of colors so you can make them
using any color to your liking.

In this lesson, she teaches you a very easy way of making the pattern
for this stylish candle the MOGURA way.

◎Techniques in giving it a different finish.
◎Techniques in making different patterns.
◎Techniques in correcting any mistakes in the pattern.

and much more! This lesson is packed with techniques not just for the making of the candle
so you can enjoy the candle arrangements much more!

The techniques in this lesson are very simple, so we recommend it for people who are beginners in candle making.

Since this simple but cute Watercolor Candle will be made by you,
it will be a one of a kind candle.

The best thing about this candle is that the arrangements you can make are many.
After mastering the techniques, try making lots of Watercolor Candle
using your favorite colors!

Not only can the colors be modified but the shape as well.
In this lesson, she demonstrates using a cylinder and triangular prism-shaped candle
but use the techniques in this lesson to make different shaped candles.
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素敵なレポ、ありがとうございます☺️❣️ とってもクールでかっこいい色合いですね👍✨ シンプルながらも、質感を上手に出せていて、表情豊かな仕上がりです👌💘 色々な組み合わせで楽しんでくださいね😆✨✨