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Blooming Flower

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A popular flower art presented at BWJ 2018!
Learn how to create a blooming flower nail art!

This lesson shows how to create a floral nail design
filled with blooming flowers.

Riyo is known for her flower art.
She'll teach you an easy way to create a design that's cute and also sophisticated.

Don't worry if you're not the best artist.
With the brush techniques Riyo teaches, you'll be able to draw nice flowers!

The lesson will focus on how to use the brushes to draw the flowers and other details.

◆An extra little step to ad a sophisticated finishing look
◆How to properly use the long liner and short liner brush
◆Tips on outlining the flowers to give a more detailed impression

She'll give a step by step lesson on how to create a cute blooming flower design.

Because flower art is a design that's enjoyed by a wide range of age groups,
it's good to know different ways to arrange the design.

One thing that's great about this blooming flower art is that you can change the colors.

Once you've mastered the design,
you can have fun changing the colors.

Pinkish colors are being used in the lesson,
but you can also use blueish or greenish colors to give different impressions!

Colors such as brown or Bordeaux are perfect for autumn and winter.
Have fun making the blooming flower nail art with various colors!