Crystal Pixie

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Summer nail art using plenty of crystal pixies!
Master how to apply the crystal pixies and how to add color.

In this lesson, nailist Riyo will be teaching how to create nail art covered with crystal pixies
which is one of the most popular designs posted on her Instagram page.

The glitter that each small crystal pixie gives off will make your nail look gorgeous.

The refined glitter that the crystal pixies give off, along with its brilliant look
makes the nail look feminine and has led to the popularity of this design.

Crystal pixie parts are must-have parts for salon work these days
due to the popularity among nailists and even ordinary customers.

This nail art using crystal pixies, which is simple but gives off a subtle glitter,
is an essential design.

In this lesson, Riyo will teach a design which is made by placing crystal pixies all over the nail
and looks great with a variety of other designs.

◆How to pick a good base color
◆Places to avoid placing crystal pixies
◆How to apply a coat over the pixies

are the main points of this lesson.
Although it is a design covered in crystal pixies, you can't just place the pixies randomly.

This is an important point to learn when taking this lesson.

Once you master the techniques, please enjoy using
crystal pixies and gels with other colors.

"Mermaid" is a recommended design that looks great with this one.
Please try learning this design as well!
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