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This design will definitely be useful in your salon work!
Learn how to make a simple striped design using nail art tapes!

This lesson teaches how to make a simple and stylish striped design
that can be worn as a main art or as a secondary art.

Nail art tapes are essential, all-purpose products for nail art,
but you could also end up with the same old design every time.

Today, using these nail tapes,
Naomi will give a lesson on how to make a stylish yet simple stripe design.

Creating nail design with stripes can be very simple.
Yet, because it's so simple, there are several key points.

She'll give a step by step lesson on how to handle the tape
as well as tips on how to make the design more stylish.

◎How to choose the base color
◎How many tapes to use and the distance between each tape
◎A tip on how to keep the tape in place
◎An extra little step that adds elegance to the design

You will learn many tips on making a beautiful stripe design in a short amount of time.

A light whitish color is being used for the base in the lesson,
but using a clear base will also make a nice simpler design which will be perfect even for the office.

The tapes come in different colors,
so mix and match various tapes and base colors to make different designs.

Besides using different colors,
you could also change the width and the angle of the tape,
to give the design a different look.

You can select the color based on your client's personality, or pair the design with another art.
Only the sky is the limit, so try creating various designs.