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Silhouette Heart

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A candy-like texture♡
A lesson on heart nail art that's perfect for Valentine's Day.

In today's lesson, we'll be working on a clear base and color base on separate fingers,
to make two kinds of heart silhouettes.

Even with the same design, change the impression of the piece by making the base either clear or colored.
Just by changing the base color, you can have fun making nail art of different vibes.

It's a design using hearts as a motif which is perfect for the Valentine season,
but by changing the color of the nail art you can use it all year round.

Nail art using hearts is a classic so that's where you want to set yourself apart from the rest.

This heart design looks easy at first but it has been carefully calculated to look good.

You will learn all the techniques required to make a perfect heart design, which only a highly skilled artist like Mayu can teach.

◎How to paint a nice heart shape
◎How to apply the gel to get a candy-like texture
◎Tips on how to create a well-balanced design

are just some of the few things that will be taught in this lesson.

Additionally, you will learn how to create a nice apex on your gel nails, how to draw a clean outline,
and tips on how to fully make use of MDA Effect Gel.

When doing gel nail art, one usually focuses only on the art itself.
And when it comes to the top coat, one doesn't pay as much attention so it tends to become uneven.
To make sure it doesn't turn out that way this time, Mayu will show you her well-calculated method,
teaching you how to build the proper foundation, the order of steps, and other tips.

The MDA Effect color that you'll be using today has a very unique texture,
so by mastering its usage, it will be a strong ally in your salon work!
(Of course, you can use normal color gel polish as well)

As they say, designs that look simple are actually the hardest.
This heart nail art is made according to the golden ratio that Mayu has studied over the years of her experience, so there are lots to learn.

Change the color or the placement of the hearts to suit the occasion,
and have fun making your own variations!
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