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Silhouette Heart

180203 silhouette heart square 01
180203 silhouette heart square 02
The secret "Golden Ratio" explained in and out!
It might seem easy to make these heart-shapes popular throughout the year, but they are actually formed out of her precise logical calculations as follows!

・Knack for the heart-shape forming
・How to fix the spoiled shape
・Art theory that prevents ugliness

A slew of secret tips ONLY available here!
You can also learn about techniques for forming adjustment, contour lining and manipulating mda effect.

Gel nail art usually causes the forms at the top to be corrugated, with the gel art making mounds on the nail.
No worries anymore, as she will thoroughly explain her well-calculated methodology of preparations, procedures, and techniques to prevent them!

The mda effect color used here is of unique texture, so mastering this will highly strengthen your nail-art ability!
※You can apply these techniques to other common types of color gel, of course.

As is often said, "Apparently easy art is actually more difficult". You will never doubt this after getting to know mayu's uncompromising pursuit of the Golden Ratio, translated into the heart-shaped gel art. Definitely a must-see!

Music in a Video: A Drive By Alone (Lorde Vs. Train) by Jeremy Turnbull
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