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Pouch with Crocheted Letters

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A cute tissue pouch popular in Little Lion's Instagram page!
This lesson covers how to make this popular pouch with alphabet letters!

The lesson comes with a comprehensive knitting pattern!

In this lesson, you can learn how to make a cute tissue pouch
which was very popular on instructor Ayaka Chiba's Instagram page!

All you need is a needle and thread.

There is warmth in a piece of work created by hand that cannot be found in store-bought products.

"I want to start knitting, but I don't know what to make..."
"I'm not sure if I can make it on my own..."

The online lessons by Ayaka Chiba (also known as Little Lion), designer and instructor in Vogue Gakuen,
are recommended for beginners who feel this way.

In this lesson, the instructor will explain how to make a pouch with letters using 2 colors of string, covering:

◆The basics of knitting when using 2 colors
◆Tips when knitting the design of a face
◆How to add an accent color
◆How to attach zippers neatly
◆How to make a cute tassel

and more! It's a very comprehensive lesson filled with lots of tips and techniques for beginners.

Also, students of this lesson can download not only the knitting pattern of the pouch,
but also knitting patterns of alphabet letters (A / E / H / I / K / M / N / O / R / S / T / U / W / Y).

The pouch is great for gifts if you make it using the friend's initials!

Simply changing the type and color of the thread can give a very different impression.

Making the pretty pouch with shiny colors should be enjoyable for experienced crocheters too.

Give it a try, and experience the fun of crocheting!
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