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Summer Peacock

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Design nails with an unique peacock design this Summer!
This lesson will teach you how to paint kaji's style of peacock art.

In this lesson, you will learn how to make kaji's
colorful detailed peacock design.

This is a perfect design to master
for those who are unsatisfied with a typical peacock art!

Peacock art is tested in the nailist examination
and is a basic design that can be arranged in many different ways.

Just adding small touches to a common peacock design
will turn it into something unique and special.

This lesson will go over one such arrangement;
you will learn how to paint Kaji's colorful and detailed peacock design.

There are many tips for making this Summer Peacock design.
In addition to the steps of creating regular peacock art,
there are many steps that you'll want to learn.

◯How to create a base to make the peacock design process easier.
◯How to use your brush and apply pressure.
◯How to maintain balance in the design.
◯Extra steps to make the design more brilliant

Topics such as these will be taught in this lesson!

By creating it with small details, the typically loud peacock art
can become a mature design.

By changing the colors, this design can be worn by people of any age.

Master this unique detailed peacock art
for a special look this summer!
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