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Aurora Marble Candle

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The color arrangements are infinite!
A lesson on the aurora marble candle, very famous in Korea♪

Today's lesson will be on how to make a candle with a marble design, a very modern trend.

You will make the design yourself from scratch, so you won't be able to make the same one again;
it will be the one and only candle in this world with your design♪

Besides from how to make the aurora marble candle,
we will also give you many tips on how to make a nice design.

Also, we will also give a lesson on how to make a stone candle,
with the same materials as the aurora marble candle.

The size of the stone candle is cute; you won't be able to stop yourself from making many more.
The color arrangements for this candle are abundant as well.

Atarashi Mogura will carefully give a detailed lesson on
how to make the aurora marble candle, and the stone candle.

The greatest feature of the aurora marble candle is its variety of arrangements.
You can make the design with the color of you choice,
so it's possible to arrange the color freely.

You can use a color that you like, or a color that suits the season,
and make a wide variety of aurora candles.

You can remake the aurora candle as an interior design, depending on the season,
or you can make it as a present to your friend, usng your friend's favorite color♪

Let's master the aurora candle, with infinitely many arrangements,
and the stone candle!
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わぁ〜❤️とってもキレイなブルー! 素敵なキャンドルが出来上がりましたね♪ そして嬉しすぎるコメント、ありがとうございます!これからも楽しく作って頂ける動画を配信したいと思いますので、どうぞよろしくお願いいたします!!