Botanical Candle

180123 botanical candle square 01
180123 botanical candle square 02
The classic design of handmade candle, Botanical candle♪
Let's learn the standard design, botanical candle that is so nice with various color.

Have you ever thought how to fill the flowers or how to color lightly?
In this lesson, all the questions will be solved and also you can learn

◎Tips to prevent air from entering
◎How to place the flowers naturally
◎Points to make a perfect shape

There are many many points that why Ms.Mogura can teach.
She lectures this and thats to make a perfect botanical candle ✨

After you learn, you can make various adjustments!
It's nice to combine your favorite flowers and colors.
Also it's nice to choose seasonal flowers and colors.

Please try it by yourself and make a lot♪
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