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Spectra Candle

180109 spectla candle square 01
180109 spectla candle square 02
One of the popular candle, Spectra candle is now arrived at online lesson♪
Let's make your original spectra candle by Ms.Mogura✨

Have you ever thought how this candle made by? :)
In this lesson, of course you can learn how to make, but also

◎How to change the pattern
◎Points when pouring wax
◎Some tips to make a perfect lines

and so on, there are many many points✨

The step isn't so difficult but you may feel it's difficult when you tried.
But, in such a case too, you can look back over and over at online lesson!

You can learn by Ms.Mogura's perfect explanation at anytime!
One you learn how to make, you can make various adjustments.
Let's make your original one by using your favorite color!