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Spectra Candle

180109 spectla candle square 01
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The greatly popular spectra candles are finally available as an online lessosn!
Learn to make colorful and sophisticatedly adorable spectra candles!

It's even talked about on Instagram!
In this lesson, learn tips for making spectra candles that are popular in Korea!

The simple yet extravagant, dimly visible lines on spectra candles are very impressionable.
The vivid lines give off a sense of sophistication.

Like many others, you might be wondering how to make these candles.

For those of you, this time Mogura will teach you in detail on the tips for making the spectra candles that are hugely popular in Korea!

◆How to change the lines
◆Things to look out for when pouring the wax
◆Tricks to creating beautiful lines

The lesson includes the above points as well as tips on finishing touches to make the design fancier.

Online lessons have the advantage of letting you review any difficult steps you didn't understand as many times as you want.

Learn the way to create beautiful lines, which are the biggest trait of spectra candles, and make use of this skill in other projects.

As long as you've learned the tricks, you can try different the colors of the lines and the shape to change the overall impression of the candle.

You can use vivid colors so that it looks colorful in the end, or you can combine darker colors to make it look chic.
Let's enjoy making candles that are unique to you!