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Quick French Nail with Small Flowers

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Detailed but fast!
This lesson will teach you kaji's style of intricate floral art!

In this lesson, you will learn how to do a staple flower art design:
a French nail with small flowers.

This retro and girly flower design is a must-learn for any salon nail artist!

Designs that are popular among all age-groups without being swayed by trends
are great for salon work, especially if they are fast to finish.

The method kaji uses to paint these flowers looks elaborate,
but they're actually fast and easy to do!

◯How to use the brush when painting easy flowers
◯How to apply glitter foil
◯How to balance the floral design

These skills will be taught in this lesson.

All processes of the design, including how to apply glitter lines and how to secure ribbon parts,
will be covered in this lesson, so you can immediately start using it in your own nail art.

The patter will be applied to a French nail in this lesson,
but feel free to apply it to the whole nail.

The feel of the nail can be changed just by using different colors for the flower and leaves.

You can use red and brown for a retro look,
or use yellow and green for a spring design.

Please try different color combinations!

kaji uses this design in her own salon work.
This nail art is sure to be loved by many, so try it yourself!
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