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The Basics of Candle-Making

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Mogura will explain in detail about the basics to candle making!
This lesson teaches basic candle making techniques especially for people that have just started making candles!

Beginners should start with this lesson!

In this lesson, the must-knows and techniques to candle-making will be explained thoroughly!

Handmaid candles that are practical and beautiful are the current popular handmaid items amongst women.

Recently, beautiful designs that resemble jewels and sweets have also appeared, using materials that you can find at home so that you can easily make them.

Out of all of those designs, the candles artist Atarashi Mogura comes up with are especially romantic, heart-racing and adorable.

"I also want to make cute candles like that!"

For those who want to make cute candles, this lesson will thoroughly teach beginners the basics to candle making that they'll want to master!

◆Ingredients needed to make candles
◆How to make the wick
◆How to set the wick in place
◆How to add coloring
◆Method for cleaning the pot used to melt the wax

and many more tips and techniques that will be really helpful to candle-making are included.

Additionally, the reasons why you have to do certain steps a specific way will be explained as well, so you can learn while receiving answers to questions you may have.

After learning the basics in Mogura's lesson, you'll definitely want to make candles in many more designs!

If you want to start making candles,
please try Mogura's lesson!
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