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White Marguerite

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The spring classic flower, Marguerite!
Today's lesson will be how to apply the technique to the Marguerite motif art.

The Marguerite nail is classic and popular in all ages.
Today's lesson will be how to draw the Marguerite with a favorable cuteness.

Marguerite has a cute image than a mature one.
Saori Tanabe's Marguerite nail does not have too much cuteness and is a Marguerite nail for grown women.

In this lesson, the key points of how to draw a Marguerite with a calm impression
will be explained.

◆The order of drawing the petals.
◆How to draw sensitive petals.
◆How to make the center of the flower look realistic

etc. There are many key points.

The mature white Marguerite will be made with detailed explanation.

Once you master this, you will be able to apply various Marguerite designs.

You can draw one flower as a motif like today's lesson,
or you can draw several flowers with a different balance.

Combine it with simple art, or try any other Marguerite design nails♪

This lesson set is recommended for those who want to learn how to draw flower petals from the basics.