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Antique Marguerite

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Recommended for those who want to learn realistic paint art!
The lesson will teach you how to draw antique marguerites.

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw antique marguerites,
a flower art, in the instructor, Saori Tanabe's style.

The lesson uses Bordeaux as the base color to give the nail an autumn-winter look.
You will be able to use the design throughout the year by using a different color as the base color.

Flower art in antique style is popular with a wide range of customers,
so you'll find the design well sought after in nail salons.

The design uses not only gel but also incorporates acrylic paint using mixing techniques,
and you will learn the techniques in this lesson.

It also gives a detailed explanation on mixing the paints or giving an impression of depth,
to give the design an antique feel.

◆Where to place the petals so that they are evenly balanced
◆How to draw the veins on the petals to give the design a delicate impression
◆How to add touches that will give an impression of depth

These are some of the things you will be learning in this lesson to be able to make a genuine paint art.

The most important key point you will learn is how to apply the colors,
to bring out the colors of an actual flower.

This is a must-watch lesson for those who wish to learn how to make a genuine paint art!

The design introduced in this lesson has three flowers,
but you can make infinite arrangements from the design.

You can add just one flower to your favorite design, or resize the flowers and draw many.
Experiment with the colors and enjoy creating various antique marguerites!