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Reversed Gradation

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A revolutionary gradient nail!
Learn how to create a stylish reverse-gradient nail!

In this lesson, you'll learn how to create a reverse gradient nail.
This design is even more stylish than traditional gradient nails.

The see-through gradient and nuance in this design is very trendy.
Why not try recreating m.d.a nail salon's hottest nail art?

Traditional gradient nails apply the color boldly on the tips and gradually fades it as it reaches the base. This lesson is the reverse.

The design in this lesson creates the illusion of longer nails by bringing out the colors and

It may seem hard to create this unique design at first,
but because this design is made with gel instead of airbrush tools,
anyone can master these skills and create their ideal reverse gradient nail art.

This lesson will go over how to apply a beautiful gradient with simple steps.

◆Choosing the right gel textures
◆How to apply the colors with a brush
◆How to create a gradient

mayu will carefully go over these and many other tips and tricks!

You can create this design with various atmospheres by customizing the colors.
You can match this design with the colors of the main artwork for a beautiful set of nails.

This can also be a great design for office nails if you use calm colors!

Master mayu's reverse gradient nail and use them for all kinds of nail art!