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How to Make Style Parts

01 style parts square 01
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Make any nail stylish with this!
Learn how to use m.d.a's original styling parts!

In this lesson, you'll learn how to use mayu's original nail stickers,
which can help anyone make stylish nail art.

These original resin parts
can be easily made by placing the sticker of your choice in them,
but in this lesson, mayu will teach you the tricks to prefecting this craft.

There are many tips and tricks in this lesson for both beginners and experienced nail arts!

Just by changing the sticker and it's placement, you can make many kinds of decoration pieces.
Make different variations in advance to speed up your salon work!

In this lesson,
you'll learn how to make high-quality decorations in depth.

◆How to remove air bubbles
◆How to avoid making your decorations too thick
◆How to properly place stickers in the resin

These and other techniques are included in this lesson.

This fancy but simple design can be used with many kinds of nail art. It's sure to come in handy in your salon work.
This lesson is a must watch if you want to take your nail art to the next level!

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Master these skills and start making your own original style parts!

After mastering the style parts, try the lesson"Bianco Marbles × Style Parts"!
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