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Fruity Herbal Cocktail: Fig

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A hand painted nail art lesson by RISA!
Learn how to create nail art that looks like a fig cocktail!

In this lesson, the instructor will guide you in detail as you create
fresh and colorful cocktail-like nail art with a combination of figs and herbs!

This lesson is delivered by RISA, a popular nail artist who specializes in detailed, artistic hand painted nail art.

She will teach you how to draw this nail art design that
looks like a cocktail made form freshly picked figs and herbs.

This is a lesson that's filled with detailed pointers that you'll want to take note of, such as
how you should draw the flesh or seeds of a fig, and what colors you should use for the best effect.

Watch RISA explain in detail how she creates
this natural and sophisticated hand painted nail art!

In addition to teaching you the series of steps to draw a realistic fig, she will teach you

◆How to overlay the colors to bring out a sense of depth to your art
◆Tips for mixing your colors
◆How to draw herbs

and more. This is a lesson that's packed with RISA's unique tips and tricks
to help you create your own intricate and juicy-looking hand painted nail art.

Once you've grasped the basics, you'll be able to apply the techniques to other designs
by changing the base color or the positions of the figs and herbs.

Create different designs by increasing the number of figs,
or changing the type of herbs.

This design uses subdued, muted colors which makes it very compatible
with other designs such as botanical or marbled nails.

You could draw a fig onto a simple design as the centerpiece of the art as well.

RISA will walk you through the drawing process step by step,
so those of you who may think that hand painted nail art is too difficult, take this chance to have a go at it!

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