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Fruity Herbal Cocktail: Lemon

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This clean and pretty nail art is perfect for summer!
Learn how to paint a fresh-looking lemon that has a lot of depth and looks very realistic!

Realistic lemons, herbs, and other botanical motifs—in this lesson, the instructor will teach you
how to create a nail art that is like a cocktail made from fruits and herbs.

To paint realistic, juicy lemons, you'll need to learn such things as mixing color gels, layering color gels,
and how to do the brushwork. You'll learn many techniques that will be very useful to professional nail artists.

The beautiful lemons with translucent flesh are just right for this season when you're going out.
While this nail art is elegant and subtle, it is at the same time adorable. For grown-ups who want a nail art that is all these things, it's perfect.

In today's lesson, the instructor will explain step by step how to make
a gorgeous, fruits cocktail-like nail art featuring realistic lemons and plants!

Specifically, You'll learn the following.

◆ How to mix colors and how to layer them
◆ How to create depth
◆ How to create a beautiful translucency
◆ How to paint herbs so that they have subtle nuances

The instructor will teach you these and more. You'll learn all the techniques instructor Risa
uses, so that you can use gels to create an artistic, delicate nail art.

Even if you're a nail artist who is not confident about painting designs freehand,
by following Risa's instructions, you'll be able to paint a realistic, fresh-looking lemon.

When you master the processes, try changing the color of the background.
Or, change the positions of the lemons and herbs. You can create many variations.

Use brighter colors for a cooler, refreshing look.
Paint more lemons to create a pop look.
By coming up with your own ideas, you can quickly increase the number of your nail art samples.

The botanical motifs of the lemon makes it a sweet nail art that is perfect for grown-ups.
Learn it by watching the video and perform it for your clients this summer!