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Flower Cross

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An elegant and refined design that combines French nails and flowers!
Learn how to do this cute and breezy watercolor-style nail art!

Are drawing flowers not your forte? Then this lesson is for you!

In this lesson, you will learn how to do a gorgeous design
of flowers on classic French nails!

French manicure is a versatile nail design that is suitable for work, dates, and in many other situations.

Its simplicity makes it beautiful, but what if we were to add little flowers to it?
Your nails will become even more attractive and feminine.

In today's lesson, the nail artist will show you how to achieve this design that takes French and flowers
to a whole new level of art, explaining in detail the key points to drawing beautiful and elegant flowers.

In particular, the tutorial explains:

◆ the secret to drawing flower petals effortlessly
◆ steps to creating a foundation for the flowers to look realistic
◆ tips for a drawing-like finish
◆ how to make the design look lively
◆ how to give it a glossy finish in just one simple additional step
◆ rhinestone placement that compliments the design

and more tips and tricks for increasing client satisfaction, so you can start using these techniques
right away. This lesson is packed with useful and valuable content.

You can also try creating your own unique renditions after mastering this design!

Try changing the color of the French manicure and using different shades for the flowers
to customize the design to suit your clients.

Even if flowers were not your forte, you will learn to create different variations of flower art with ease
after mastering these techiniques that make your flowers look simple but professional.

Why not take this opportunity to learn this versatile technique for elegant and cute nails,
and incorporate it into your salon repertoire?
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