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Watercolor Flowers

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A time-saving way of creating picturesque nail art!
Learn how to create popular flower nail art design which can help you attract customers!

This delicate and picturesque flower nail art design is a must-try!
In this lesson, you will learn how to make a chic and elegant watercolor-like flower nail art design.

The floral nail art design is popular among women of all ages all year round.

Although it's one of the most often requested design at the nail salon,
some nail artists may say it's too time-consuming.

In this lesson, you will be shown in detail
how to create simple yet elegant flower nail art design using time-saving techniques!

Flower nail art design can be too decorative some time.
So in this lesson, you will learn how to create a more versatile design with a subtle and chic finish.

Looking for some floral nail art ideas that you can wear to both offices and date night?
Then look no further! This design gives you a sophisticated and classy look that you desire.

More specifically, you will be taught

◆How to achieve the best viscosity for painting and tips for mixing
◆How to prep your nails to achieve the best results before painting
◆Tips for drawing thin lines
◆Tips for placing stones in a balanced style

"This lesson is packed full of useful tips to help you paint flower nail art design
without consuming too much time."

The design works well with clear base gel but you may also try using different colors!
The great thing about this art is that it doesn't take too much effort yet results are stunning.

You can build up your samples of designs by trying different flower composition
or changing the color of the outline.

So take this opportunity to learn how to paint this exquisite nail art design
and start incorporating it into your repertoire at the salon!
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