Oval Basket

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Follow a few simple steps to complete the project!
For those who have mastered the basics of cartonnage, a lesson on how to make a round basket!

After mastering how to make a rectangular box, try this next!
In this lesson, learn how to make an oval-shaped basket with a handle!

Using methods that are completely different from making a four-sided box,
try your hand at a basket with curves.

This time, rather than sticking together multiple pieces of carton board,
you will learn how to use one long board to create a basket that is easy to carry around.

Along with tips on creating cartonnage pieces with curves,
you will also learn everything you need to know to create a cute handle.

In addition, this lesson shows

◆How to use long pieces of carton board
◆ How to use kent paper on curved surfaces
◆ How to apply fabric on round surfaces
◆ How to attach the ribbon in a cute way

and much more, with important tips and techniques packed in.

Once you get used to using a long piece of carton to create round shapes,
you'll be able to make these baskets in no time.

Master the tips to creating shapes with lots of curves,
and you'll broaden the variety of cartonnage pieces you can make.

Baskets that you can use for a short outing or for shopping,
these can also function as beautiful interior decorations!

Change the size and fabric to match its purpose,
or change the arrangement of the handle to create an original and highly practical basket.

If you're a cartonnage beginner, start with Basic Box: Square Tray!
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